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Fior di Carta launches the contest “Draw your city”

A competition aimed at primary school children to tell the story of Italy through drawing. The initiative aims to enhance and protect the originality of each city for the artistic, historical, cultural and naturalistic/environmental value, highlighting the link with the territory.

The operation starts in Lucca. Under the guidance of their teachers, students from all classes 1 to 5 are invited to give space to their imagination and creativity, to answer the following questions:

How do we live our city?

What is the bond between us?

How would we like it to be?

The real challenge is to create illustrations using just two colours.


The winning design will be printed on the Fior di Carta placemats for a limited edition S/S 2019, but there will also be special prizes and gadgets for participating schools and pupils. The initiative is valid from 29 October until 28 February. The contest rules are available on the website

EuroVast SpA, which has been present in the tissue market for over 26 years, has obtained the patronage of MIUR and the Municipality of Lucca for this initiative.

The Tuscan city is only the first one: the contest, in fact, will be itinerant and on a national scale.