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Code of Ethics

Euro Vast was established in Borgo a Mozzano in 1992. Vincenzo Romano today continues the work of his father Umberto, who was its founder.

Our company has always aimed to meet the needs of consumers in an innovative way, developing products with a focus on health, safety, convenience and eco- sustainability.

The special relationship that binds the company to its customers enables this philosophy to be spread respecting the ETHICAL VALUES that guide the strategies of our Group.

This path enables us to manufacture products with the best technology respecting nature, developing new markets in the certainty of being able to offer consumers the excellence of a rapidly transforming field.

Euro Vast is convinced that business ethics is a condition for success and a tool for promoting its image, a factor which represents a primary and essential value for our Group.

The aim of the rules set out in this document is compliance with a proper and fair conduct by all Euro Vast representatives and all those who, for whatever reasons, work for our company, even occasionally.

Our Code of Ethics, in conclusion, is proposed as a model for all those involved in Euro Vast, adapting their conduct to the principles of loyalty and honesty already shared by the whole group to which Euro Vast belongs.